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Standalone or integrated. PC, tablet or any handheld device- as long as it supports Windows- it qualifies well for ScanSoftPOS. ScanSoftPOS’ intelligent and robust point of sale solution makes it easy to set up, manage and grow your business profitably. Our high-performance POS software is a revolutionary innovation designed for the rigors of retail, fast food & wholesaler’s environment giving businesses the power to run and analyze their operations on any Windows based device smoothly.


Time to hire a new assistant- a savvy automated resource. Warehouse automation may be a common phenomenon today but ScanSoftPOS touches a whole new level of productivity at your fingertips. Comprehensive warehouse automation platform to track sales, returns, tax stamps and much more to facilitate your sales needs. Coupled with FieldPro- this revolutionary bundle will manage your field routes, sales reps and customer site analysis remote ordering and much more. ScanSoftPOS offers the most intuitive solution to MSA needs- in less than a minute the formerly cumbersome task is dealt and completed.


In today’s highly competitive market, information is everything for every business that wishes
to thrive in tomorrow’s marketplace. With this, the POS system has become indispensable and every forward looking retail business needs it to gather and apply information effectively. ScanSoftPOS does a lot more than the obvious. It sees beyond your regular tasks. Every feature facilitates and translates into your value added benefits- without any additional cost. ScanSoftPOS operates with or without internet connection. It’s intuitive, user-friendly and stable. ScanSoftPOS also integrates with credit cards, online ordering, and loyalty programs. Download our free basic version today.